Visions of Hope 2016: of funds and help & a closing celebration

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Visions of Hope GalleryVisions of Hope Gallery

The Visions of Hope 2016 art auction has drawn to a close and the numbers have been totalled. This annual art exhibition serves two purposes: to raise money for cancer research as a part of the Relay for Life of Second Life fund-raising season, and to promote the support given to those living with cancer by the Hope Haven Heroes.

This year, seventeen of Second Life’ photographers and visual artists donated up to three pieces of work apiece for the auction. Taking part were Bijou, Boudicca Amat, Ciottolina Xue, d-oo-b, Dru G Eiren-Milneaux, Em Larsson, Hills, Inara Pey, Mareea Farrasco, Nikolai Warden, Proph, Pusher, Randy Firebrand, Ricco Saenz, Tomais Ashdene, Trinity Yazimoto and Ziki Questi.

"Joy" by Boudicca Amat - Visions of hope 2016 “Joy” by Boudicca Amat – Visions of Hope 2016

In all, L$38,100 has been raised by the auction, which ran throughout May 2016. “And the number of people who have come…

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