Blackberry came to us through Newfoundland Rescue when he was
seven months old. He had been living in foster care, and before that, he
had a loving home but his owner had to give him up due to an illness.

Blackberry has several endearing quirks. When it’s time for us to take
him for a walk or a drive, he takes the leash in his mouth and prances
down the hallway. But the cutest quirk is something that we don’t completely understand. He will be sleeping, or just sitting with us, and will
suddenly go over to his bed, take his fleece mat in his mouth, and bring
it onto the floor. He then cradles it in his front paws and rhythmically
nibbles it. Every minute or so, he will jerk his head and then continue to
nibble. He is totally in another world when he is doing all this—as if he’s
in a daze. Another quirk of Blackberry’s is his obsession with shadows.
He will chase them and bark at them and pounce on them.


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